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From: Fritz Blanc

Dear Internet Friend,

  • Are you tired of all the hype on the internet today?
  • Are you looking for an honest way to make a living without being cheated of your hard earned cash?
  • Can You really use the internet to make money without having to spend thousand of dollars in professional services? (web designers, web hosting, lead services, etc.)
  • Can you really find good programs to join, (affiliates) to generate some cash before you can develop your own program or service?
  • Can you really start working from home on a shoestring budget?

Hi, my name is Fritz, I have been looking for the answer to these questions myself for the last 2 years. I have bought and read vast amount of internet marketing courses, I have registered to all the free marketing lessons that I could find on the net...

I have tried so many things that after a while, I quickly became submerged in the sea of information available on the internet today. Needless to say that I have also spent a fortune on marketing information.

Mind you, I was a bit frustrated not to know where to go, because one marketer was telling me, this is how you do it, while another one was telling me that is the way to do it.

Finally one day...the whole thing started to make sense. The internet is a puzzle but if you stay focus and not stray too much from the basic things that you need to do, you'll realize that it is possible to be successful on the internet, if you follow the basic principles.

All successful internet marketers have one thing in common. They all follow one basic principle which have proven to be true for them and they stick to it.

For example, Just like in real life you need to have a residence for shelter and a place where family and friend can gather, can meet with you, can contact you...the same is true for the cyberworld, you need a web site.

Sooner or later, you'll see the need to have a web site. If you intend to have any degree of success on the net, a professional looking web site is a must.

Once your web site is ready, you need to take action, with your product or service, if you don't have one, good affiliate programs will do. You can see my list of affiliate programs which I welcome you to join...

Combining your product, service or affiliates with good lead programs and follow up with auto-responders, that's the recipe for generating cash on the net, and have your business on auto-pilot.

It is also very important to get the name and e-mails of the visitors of your website so that you can contact them later. You can do that by offering them something of value such as newsletter, free e-books,etc. That way you can start building your own database of potential customers who have given you permission to contact them.

That's basically what these $200.00 courses from well known marketers are teaching you, and a lot more...In a nutshell, you use this technic with different programs and that is the key to generating multiple income on the internet...

financial freedom working for self working from home
The secret to sucess on the internet:
  • A web site!
  • A product or service to sell or good affiliate programs!
  • Good leads!
  • Automate with auto-responder
  • Get the visitors to leave you their name and address!
  • Turn your visitors into buyers
Your sucess on the internet can be as easy as following these simple principles. When you combine multiple programs, you can create dynamite income...

You want to know the best way to save money? Then get your own FREE and SAVE money!". (Your name will never be sold for profit.)

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If I learned one secret with all the internet courses I studied, this one is definitely a winner. If you are promoting an e-book for instance, make sure you get the book and read it

That way you know what you are promoting. You also get the knowledge for yourself and finally you give a personal review of the book to your clients.

If you don't have a web site and are interested in starting your work at home business, you can contact me and I'll be glad to help you get your free professional ready template to start your business.


  Having fun yet :-)    
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